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USD $5.00
PBN Backlinks

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PBN Backlinks

USD $5.00
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PBN backlinks are backlinks on privately owned and hosted websites. All links are contextual and content relevant, means we write an original 500+ word article about your keyword or topic and the article containing your backlink in the article body gets published on these private websites.


Types of backlinks you get:


There is a minimum quantity of 5 backlinks you can order and a maximum of 1,200 per single order. Each backlink represents a single article post on a site. Means that each backlink is on a different site. So if you order for example 1,200 backlinks then you get backlinks from 1,200 different sites.


Please note that currently about 23% of the network are social bookmark type sites. For each order the sites are randomly chosen, means that with every order you get about one quarter social bookmark type backlinks.


Here is a chart showing the DA/PA distribution among all sites of the network:


The price per backlink starts at $5 but the more you order the cheaper it gets. 


There are further discounts in case you wish to order higher quantities on a regular basis, please ask for a quote.


Video Embed

If you want to promote a video then we can a video embed on the posts for videos on YouTube/Vimeo/Twitch!



Google MAPs embed

When the site supports it we can embed your Google MAPs code into the post!



Business Profile Citation

We can add your exact business citation!