Cold Traffic Campaigns

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Every business needs traffic but from where to get it? SEO is costly and takes months to kick in. Pay-per-click advertising can be very expensive, competitive and hardly affordable for small local businesses.

We offer cold traffic through display ads which are affordable for every local businesses. Display ads allow you to promote your brand and offers to a local or even nation-wide audience:

Display Ads Marketing
Display Ads Marketing

Cold traffic campaigns start at only $1,000 $497per month all included, no extra costs!

What’s included:

  • New Visitors: We bring new website visitors by displaying your ads on top third party websites.
  • Ad design: Each month we design a new professional ad set for you to avoid banner blindness. One ad set consists of one ad in up to 23 different sizes.

Your ads are showing on top sites and mobile apps

Your ads are displayed on top websites and mobile apps, for example if you are a Boston chiropractor then we design a professional chiropractor ad like the one shown in the screenshots below (highlighted in red) and display it on sites like this:

There are literally thousands of sites and mobile apps where your ad can show up, plenty of traffic for you!

Topics/Ads that are not allowed:

  • Adult Content
    CBD/Hemp or cannabis content
    Provocative/Suggestive Content
    Deceptive Ads (includes ads that are deceptive for mobile devices)
    Overt/Offensive Ads
    Misleading/Deceptive Messages (e.g. Alert-style creative/system warnings/fake errors)
    Mail-Order Bride sites
    Illegal Substances/Content/Materials


  • From where do I get the ad designs? We design the ads for you, all included! If you prefer to use your own ads we can use them as well but pricing remains the same. Please note we need ad design in 23 different sizes to cover all possible ad variations.
  • Do my ads show on Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube? No, ads on these places can only be bought separately.
  • I already do Facebook ads! That’s great but you miss out on 90% of the available traffic!
  • I already do Google Ads! That’s great but you miss out on 70% of the available traffic!
  • Do my ads show on Google’s Display Network? Yes, however Google’s network represents only about 30% of the total display ads traffic network. We also connect to the other 70%!
  • Where do my ads show? We are connected to more than 70 major ad network providers and reach about 95% of the Internet and mobile apps display network! Your ads can show up on any website that offers advertising, basically every commercial website in the world. For example when you open your favourite weather, news or sports website or mobile app, you know that they are often full of ads, these are called display ads and we can display your ad there too, depending on the site’s terms and availability of course.
  • Do I need to pay extra for traffic? No, our pricing includes traffic costs already that should be enough for a local small business. However, if you want more traffic you can buy it, ask us for a quote!
  • In which countries does it work? It works in all countries worldwide.
  • Can I choose on which website my ads will show? Yes, it is possible to pick a certain website, depending on the website terms and pricing. Ask us for a quote.
  • Can I show my ads only to people in a specific location? Yes!
  • How much traffic is included? We covered the traffic costs sufficient for most small local businesses. In case you want even more traffic, you can always get it at additional costs, please contact us for a quote.
  • Do I get a report? Of course, once a month you get a report about the traffic generated:

    Display Ad Traffic Report
    Display Ad Traffic Report
  • How can I cancel? You can cancel anytime but you always pay for a full month of service in advance. If you cancel during the month then there are no refunds but traffic will remain until end of the month.

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