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Supercharge Your Local Traffic!


Highly Targeted Local Traffic for Your Business

Are you ready to dominate your local market? Introducing Local Dominator, the game-changing solution to skyrocketing your local traffic and outshining your competition.



What We Do

At Local Dominator, we rank multiple local web pages highly on Google Search for your keyword, brand name, and your competitors’ brand names. We then redirect all that traffic directly to your business! Imagine legally stealing traffic from all your competitors in your local area—sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not.


Why This Works

Almost no one else is doing this like we do, but it is highly effective. Imagine this: A potential customer searches Google for your competitors’ name. Multiple results appear. You may think all the results are about your competitor's website but here's the magic: most of these results are NOT your competitors’ pages but YOUR pages. And when people click on them, they land on YOUR website! How cool is that?


Real-Life Examples

Seeing is believing. Check out these real-life examples of how we've transformed local traffic.


Dominate Your Competitors' Business Name

The screenshot below shows the Google Search results for a local business named "Sean Anderson Electrical" in Kessock UK. As you can see, most pages are OUR pages and not web page owned by "Sean Anderson Electrical" and when a visitor clicks on one of these pages they land on YOUR website!


Dominate Local Keywords

But it doesn’t stop there. This strategy not only works for your competitors' name but also for local keywords. Below is a screenshot of the results of a keyword search in Google for "auto electrician wyke regis". As you can see, we own many rankings and we redirect all traffic from these pages to your business!


How Does It Work?

1. Sign Up: Once you sign up, we quickly build these ranking pages and redirect them to your business.
2. Fast Results: In about 3-4 weeks, you’ll start seeing results.
3. Hands-Free: This is completely hands-free for you. We build, maintain, and continuously add more pages over time, targeting your local area.

You rent these highly targeted pages exclusively for a low monthly fee.


What Exactly Do You Get?

- Basic Package: We build up to 150 pages for up to 5 locations you service. This means if you service within a 10-20 mile radius, we target your main 5 areas and collect up to 150 competitor names for each location, resulting in 750 pages that redirect traffic to your business.

- Quarterly Expansion: Each quarter, we add 2 more locations at no extra charge. That’s an extra 300 pages every quarter driving traffic to your business and away from your competitors!


How Much Does It Cost?

The price is US $749 per month. We build and maintain these pages until you cancel. Important note: You do NOT own these pages, you just rent them exclusively! There is a tremendous amount of work and running costs involved in maintaining the pages' rankings. Plus you get 2 more locations (300 pages) every quarter at no extra cost.


Ready to Dominate?

Just place your order! After payment, you'll be contacted by us for further information. If you have any questions, contact us anytime here.

Hurry up and dominate your local niche before your competitor does!


For Agencies and Resellers

Bulk discounts are available! Contact us for more details and start transforming your clients' local traffic today.